Carlos Fernández-Pello (1985) is a writer, researcher and designer, based in Madrid. He holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts, an M.A. in Art Theory and is the current Thesis Director of visual communication at IED Madrid - but he would rather being described as a professional amateur. Half of the year you can find him running his intermittent design practice, Pulpa. The other half, you might find him working as a curator, a cinematographer, teaching, coding, or as one of the editors of NUDO. In his doctoral dissertation, he set sail for the legendary islands between system and imagination, steering along the tides of textuality. Today, he takes great interest in hardcore relativism, itching and scratching, cephalopods, buccalities or the institutional assimilation of critique. As an artist in permanent retreat, he has exhibited without permission at places like Palais de Tokyo , Centre Georges Pompidou or The Renaissance Society in Chicago . His work is represented by García Galería.
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