An ongoing institute of random marginalia for studying the ever blurring division between art and life.
A plug exhibited in room 26 of Centre George Pompidou in April 2016.
A plug exhibited in the grand hall of Palais de Tokyo, during the Do DISTURB perfomance festival, April 2016.
A plug exhibited in galerie Jocelyn Wolf during Cristoph Weber's Carton Pierre exhibition, April 2016.
A series of ongoing performances on social media.
a zoological collection of hyphens - o cuando el gato te cambia el sitio.

A day at the San Diego Park Zoo sharing the degradation of meaning with other animals. The bonobo halfway through the clip actually puked on his hand only to lick it off. The cost of the Footsie Wootsie machine was 25 cents. While using it several people gave me a scolding look because of the annoying noise. I then had this bad feeling for physically enjoying the zoo. These machines were all over the park but I didn't see anyone else using them in the whole day - the pleasure is probably not worth the shame. A hyphen is a way for text to scratch itself.
attempt nº 1 -
to temporarily increase by three the number of power sockets of the renaissance society and add a legit curricular achievement as "cultural mediator".
The Dubuffet-style decoration refers back to outsider artist Gaston Chaissac (long story). Anyway, Dubuffet not only made a career as an advocate for outsider art, he also "copied", "ripped-off" and incorporated many features of these artists into his own work. Doing so he legitimized both sides as historical actors but while most of these outsiders enjoyed brief success, Dubuffet got to plant his sculptures all over the world and became a world-class artist brand - even here in Chicago, as you now.

A poem about who is using who / just as alternate current does. / When you plug a plug into a foreign plug, / bolstering effects of power, / does it adapt to your needs? / does it suck out your will?/ Its not a matter of adaptation, the man may say, / but about the intimate act of suspending rhyme.
a bibliographical break - la ciencia que se encarga del origen de los textos y dos casos sobre el guión que une y separa al rigor de la experiencia.

Un hueco lineal atravesando la sección de literatura rusa de la Geisel Library de UCSD en dirección norte-sur.

A lineal empty space cutting through UCSD Geisel Library's Russian Literature section, north-to-south.
That to the right is me quoting Lawrence Weschler quoting David Wilson quoting Plato. The clip is about a bird trapped at UIC's Richard Daley's Library while I was having a go at cognitive ethology. The bird repeatedly visited the corner where I was studying, hence the redundant cuts. There was a guy going around the library with a net that doesn't show in the video, trying to capture the poor thing to no avail.
memory is like an aviary where you stick your hand into to grab whatever bird you can.
attempt nº 2 -
Finding out Michael Heizer's
double negative book is missing
at SAIC's Flaxman library; buying an inscribed copy at New York city's _Strand bookstore for $75; dedicated "to Edith and Michael"; find out with the help of a (then) stranger Tie Jojima that Edith Wyschogrod was married to a man named Michael; that she was coworker of the editor, Mark C. Taylor; that she had died in 2009 in New York city. To scan the book and redesigning it as a facsimile; to add notes on Wyschogrod's work on touch, affect and negative experience; to forget I had seen her work before. To print the book in sterling gloss paper and wire binding it for $72; to get a negative reply from the librarian as to wether or not they would accept it as a donation; to replace the empty space at the library with a single positive mass of paper; Adding three more dollars as additional labour value; selling the facsimile at ebay for the same price as the original, out-of-print, version.
attempt nº 3 -
I left my U.S. phone charging at kavi gupta's gallery space in chicago with a couple of local artists' contacts inside it and a video of myself petting my room mate's cat, "echo".
I also left two different copies of this sloth, folded onto itself, at one of the local artist's studio in Chicago. After that, she kindly photographed both works and sent me the pictures back. The sloth becomes the excuse to show the artwork (the photograph) she performed with her phone. The images thus do not belong to me and are not free to save. Trespassers will be prosecuted.
Y dejé mi toalla verde en casa de mi compañero de piso.